After reading my earlier blog post about my “beginning” in arts education, my mom wanted to set things straight. Turns out that from a very early age, I was predisposed to connect with the Workshop’s process-based method of teaching critical thinking through art-making! I’d like to share her words with you:

I read your blog about the beginning of your arts education. Your beginning was even earlier. I used to take you to The Rochester Memorial Art Gallery from the time you were an infant. If you were cranky, the stroll through the gallery seemed to soothe you. I even developed a program for parents and teachers on how to use the art gallery with preschoolers. Do you remember going there at all? When you were 3 or 4,(and Tim was in a stroller) I let you pick out a postcard in the gift shop of one of the gallery pieces. Then, we would go through the gallery looking for “your piece”. Some of my other ideas were to give you a piece of colored cardboard in a circle, triangle or square shape. When you were only 3, we would look for pieces with the same color as your piece of cardboard. When you were four, we began to look for shapes. Sometimes we would look at a sculpture, and put ourselves in the same position. We talked about what the piece of sculpture might move like, if it came to life. Then, I would “blow the fairy dust ” on you, and you would come alive! I loved going there. It was such a beautiful, peaceful place. xxoomom