The Workshop invites YOU to join us in the creative process!

Design a slogan or catch phrase that embodies our mission to help young people develop critical thinking, creative expression and basic learning skills through the arts. The winner’s name and slogan will appear on the Workshop’s website and thousands of people throughout the San Francisco Bay Area will see your words on the Workshop’s sticker!

The winner will also receive a Performing Arts Workshop T-Shirt and Tote, as well as a $50 gift card to Trader Joe’s.


Contest Rules: Submitted entries must not exceed 55 characters. Using words from the Workshop’s Mission, Methodology (the Cycle of Artistic Inquiry) and provided word bank are highly encouraged.

Submit entries by Monday, November 29th to The Workshop retains all rights of use for any entries submitted.

Performing Arts Workshop’s Mission:

Performing Arts Workshop is dedicated to helping youth develop critical thinking, creative expression, and basic learning skills through the arts.

Performing Arts Workshop's Cycle of Artistic Inquiry

Suggested Word Bank:

The following are Workshop official messages. Feel free to draw on these when crafting your slogan, but it is not necessary to use these specific ideas.

  • Art ignites young minds
  • youth often referred to as “at-risk”
  • unfair
  • if we don’t have arts in school-we don’t have education
  • effective & tested program
  • solve many of society’s problems in regards to youth
  • Exposure vs. Experience
  • the education young people need & deserve
  • replicated in programs around the country, 21st century
  • creativity
  • innovation
  • education reform
  • accountability
  • leadership
  • relationships
  • focus & concentration
  • non-stereotypical choices
  • pro-social behavior
  • peer critique
  • artistic vocabulary
  • participation
  • self efficacy
  • community & social issues
  • cultural understanding
  • success through art
  • joyful learners
  • new ways of learning
  • reinventing education
  • unique opportunities
  • problem solving
  • engaged citizens
  • initiate a teaching role
  • skills to succeed