This summer, Workshop Teaching Artist Amani Manning, had the opportunity to partner with the Bayview Hunter’s Point Center for Arts and Technology (BAYCAT) through Performing Arts Workshop. This was a summer program with an intense schedule. Amani taught class for two hours, three days a week. BAYCAT’s mission is to educate, empower and employ underserved youth and young adults to produce digital media that tells their unique stories and engages them to positively transform themselves, their communities and the world. One of the youth at BAYCAT produced an amazing video on Amani’s class, looking at the students who participated and how learning dance changed them. Marco Castro-Bojorquez, the Program Director at BAYCAT, had this to say about Amani’s work there.

“Amani had a big challenge at getting a large number of students into a journey that they knew little about it. At the end, Afro-Peruvian dance was totally embraced by the participants. Even though I had not requested them to perform for a large audience, they took the initiative to do so. It was very successful, and probably one of the most celebrated pieces of our open house!

Another great aspect of the residency was the “community engagement” piece. During the residency there was a killing of a young person in our community and Amani took the initiative to engage in dialogue with the participants and the BAYCAT team. It was a moment to reflect and heal, and she was able to articulate a concise message from a cultural perspective with great relevance for our participants. That was a great moment!”