Why do you volunteer on a non-profit board of directors? 

Belief in a core value of sharing the good things with others. 
A core value we learned in kindergarten was to share the good things you have with others. In kindergarten that meant sharing your most favorite crayons and snacks. Later in life you begin to realize that things are a bit more complex. While not everything is “shareable”, we can’t deny that we share the space and time here on earth with each other. We also realize the need to share our talents whether it’s at work, at home, or as part of volunteer life. I do believe that within each person resides a treasure of talents that we haven’t even tapped but are desperately needed in the world and particularly by young folk.

This leads to a deeper reflection of what “community service” really means.  If volunteering can be an amazing, selfless act from an individual, serving on a non-profit board can bring the same benefits while challenging you to be more than who you thought you were.  It’s the metaphoric equivalent to baseball’s stepping-up to the plate.

Board membership presents a person with opportunities to engage with others to lead, create, evaluate, and experience life that can’t be replicated in the professional workplace or personal private life. Since almost all non-profit boards or community service opportunities aren’t financially compensated, everyone’s there to serve the mission of the organization and to provide a greater public benefit. 

Pooh Bear Doesn’t Lie.  We Get When We Give.
And it’s true, most certainly, that we get when we give. Just as the immortal Winnie the Pooh Bear realized that “giving is the best gift of all”, you volunteer, and you become aware that in your giving your true self and talents to others, you’ve received a gift.

I can’t tell you what that gift is, or I would be spoiling the surprise, but I will tell you that the outcome is stronger and more vibrant than what you could imagine.

Performing Arts Workshop – Raising Us All Higher.
In the same vein, Performing Arts Workshop is about sharing of talents and helping young people be more than who they thought they were. We encourage our paid teaching artists to use a proven teaching methodology to enable students to risk the sharing of themselves and their talents through the arts. The Workshop engages various types of schools and social service organizations, and we reach out to those who may not otherwise have the same access to the resources. We hope to engage through critical thinking and access this higher way of being to make our community stronger.

-Annie McGeady, Board President

Annie McGeady has nearly 20 years experience working with nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions in a variety of capacities. Annie has advised nonprofits representing areas of education, arts and culture, social justice, and disability rights. She volunteers with her daughter’s school, and is committed to developing access to creative opportunities for all.

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