Let’s go back in time together. Listen to the full playlist on Spotify.

Sense memories are a strong force. When something triggers a memory in this way, it’s almost as if we are thrown back in time, seeing or hearing or tasting or touching that moment of the memory.

School age children use memory as a learning device. The more they experience and practice recalling, the stronger their memory becomes.

That’s why the Workshop emphasizes reflection. We want children to think about what they just did so they can remember what it was like, and replicate and improve upon it in the future. It’s part of the learning process. What’s a particularly strong sense memory that you have and what triggers it?

What song or album no matter where or when you hear it always brings you back to a specific time in life?

Staff Picks:

  • Gary, Artistic Director – Bob Dylan, The Times They Are A Changin’
  • Jessica, Executive Director – Garden State Soundtrack, Fall 2004
  • Cathy, Development Director – Tears In Heaven, Eric Clapton – When my father died I played it over and over.
  • Karena, Program Director – The Pixies “Doolittle”
  • Beverly, Individual Giving Manager – The Killers, Hot Fuss. Always takes me back to moving into my college dormitory.
  • Benjamin, Media Intern – Warped Tour 03, Santa Rosa
  • Anne, Program and Communications Coordinator – A Tribe Called Quest – Love Movement, Summer 1999
  • Larry, Program and Administrative Assistant – Jacki Ross “Selfish One” was playing as I drove away from the DMV with my first license.
  • Ivy, Development and Opperations Manager – Parisienne Walkways, Gary Moore – It brought me back to the “city of light” when I visited Paris as a student after high school.
  • Laurie, Institutional Giving Manager – so many …. here are just a few:
    • America — sister golden hair surprise & Stones mother’s little helper = I’m about 6 and feeding light brite pegs to my doll
    • Clash — Black Market Clash … 10th grade .. shenanigans in the park
    • Beatle White Album = college road trips
    • Smiths “How Soon is Now?” = I’m in college and I am so (un)cool
    • !!! — eponymous  ~ early-mid 2000s ….oh, the humanity