What is an earworm?

A tune that gets stuck in your head.

Yeah, the one you keep whistling in the shower or humming while doing the dishes. It tumbles in your mind until you can’t stand it anymore and either a) have to listen to the whole thing or b) you find another catchy song to listen to in the hopes it will dislodge the first.

As young children, we often asked for the same toy, or video, or song over and over again. We decide we like something and we want to experience it continuously.

For pre-k students, an earworm can be a learning tool that teaches them vocabulary or physical movements. Our artists use the same opening and closing rituals to signify the parameters of class. This type of repetition helps reinforce learning goals and emphasizes stability and familiarity with the art form. And the kids never get tired of it!

Do you get earworms? What do they teach you?

What is the worst ear worm you remember having?

Here’s what our staff had to say:

  • Gary, Artistic Director – Hair Gell 4 Note Phrase
  • Jess, Executive Director – Alicia Keys “I keep on Falling”
  • Cathy, Finance Director – Commercial
  • Karena, Program Director – The Sleep Train Jingle
  • Beverly, Individual Giving Manager – “September” Earth, Win and Fire and “I Love you, Always forever” Donna Lewis
  • Benjamin, Media Intern – high pitched screaming
  • Anne, Program and Communications Manager – Oasis, “Champagne Supernova” more recently LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem” and almost anything by Rihanna
  • Larry, Program and Administrative Assistant – The Food Maxx Jingle and Shanice “I Love Your Smile”
  • Ivy, Finance and Operations Manager  – “Careless Whisper” George Michael – It was a huge hit and got played everywhere I went until it was ringing in my ears.
  • Aurora, Program Manager – “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp”

Welcome worms to your ears with all these infectious tunes on Spotify. It won’t hurt! 

Learn more about ear worms: http://earwurm.com/song-in-my-head/