Think About It

Have you ever been listening to a song and then thought, wait – what does that lyric mean? It could be the first or the fiftieth time you’ve heard it and suddenly it means something completely different. At the Workshop, we encourage youth to think critically about the art they make. We want them to discuss the meaning in reference to their lives and the world around them. Our teaching artists work with youth to bring out these deeper themes through reflection and then revision of their artistic choices. This is something we do every day in the real world preparing for a presentation, developing a project for work, or just discussing the most recent blogosphere topic. We are constantly reflecting on our work and refining it so that our message and purpose are clear. This is one way the Workshop prepares students for taking on tasks in school, work and life. What’s a song that makes you think about your life?

What song helps you think?

  • Beverly, Individual Giving Manager – 2Pac “Keep Ya Head Up” It’s upbeat and inspirational.
  • Karena, Program Director – The Postal Service “Nothing Better” There’s something about the melody that makes for a great running/head-clearing song.
  • Larry, Program & Administrative Assistant – “He Hit Me (It Felt Like a Kiss)” The Crystals. How can you not listen and think about how messed up this song is. Some other good ones are:
    • Aretha Franklin – “Think” When the queen of soul ask you to think, you best to actually think about it.
    • The Royalettes – “Think Before You Act” Pragmatic advice song from Baltimore’s favorite girl group.
    • The Impressions “Choice of Colors” A reflective song about thinking if you had the ability of identity, and how that would affect your whole life, would you change the color of your skin or not?
    • The Chiffons (Four Pennies) “My Block” Interesting song about class dynamics and possible shame in a blooming relationship.
  • Anne, Program & Communications Manager – I prefers songs without lyrics for thinking. Yesterday’s New Quintet is a favorite group or the Greyboy Pandora Station. But if we’re talking about songs that make me think about them or their topics, I like:
    • Alice Russell – “Got The Hunger?” Something’s going on.
    • “Necessity” – I found this song on a recording I have of the Finian’s Rainbow soundtrack. It was cut from the Hollywood movie, but I wish this scene was left in.
    • N.A.S.A. – “Money” The root of all evil.
    • The Roots – “The Seed (2.0)” This song actually has a lot going on in it. Reproductive rights, infidelity, rock ‘n roll. I still can’t decide if I like it or not, but it certainly makes me think.
  • Ivy, Finance & Operations Manager – “Telecommunication” by A Flock of Seagulls. It has a meditating rhythm.