Big thumbs up to Mariel from San Francisco Community School!
She came in 2nd place in the middle school category in the Young At Art Literary Arts Competition (hosted by the Fine Arts Museum and the San Francisco Unified School District).

We’re so proud of Mariel! She has incredible talent and brings so much heart and passion to her performances.
Here’s her winning poem:
Yo, you don’t acknowledge me,
But I don’t care anymore.
There is no way I am going to be like you, cause I’ll decide what I’ll do.
I may be little right now, but don’t underestimate me,
Because sometimes I can be a little superstar.
 you don’t need to brag I know you own this stage so make it yours.
But remember this, one day I’ll make this mine and make you amaze.
Your way prettier that I and smarter than I am, but let me ignore that cause I’m telling you I’m way better than you.
I have a heart made of gold what’s yours made of?
Hey it doesn’t matter anymore you don’t need to hide you true self cause I already know your true intentions and let me swear I won’t show any affection.
I know you fly higher than me but don’t compare me to you because my wings are someday meant to achieve my goals
your popularness may someday star to fade away,
And I’d be lying  if I said even once I didn’t, get jealous
But I realize my friends are way better than your fans who only want your place.
 you can win this match between you and I, because if you lose I’m afraid you might cry.
one more thing to say, one more line. One more sentence to end this I’m never going to let you rule this.