(Deaidre at Paul Revere Elementary School  after a 5th grade Spoken Word class).

About the Workshop:

1. How long have you been teaching?

Four years. I have always taught spoken word.

2. How has your relationship to the Workshop changed your teaching style and/or artistic life?
I spent more time in the revision process with my students that allows for more reflection. I now ask my students what they did and why they did it. In my Workshop programs, we create rough drafts unlike other programs where you finish a poem and go on to the next.

3. What changes in the students have you noticed over the course of your programs?
Even after one class, I notice students are more willing to participate. Knowing them, even if only for two hours, and having them want to share their art is an amazing thing. I watch students open up in front of their classmates, which can be hard when some classes are so sarcastic.

4. How do you think that working in the workshop is different than other similar organizations?
Performing Arts Workshop is there for me. If Larry is not there Anne will be.

About Deaidre:

1) Whereabouts do you live:

San Leandro

2) Album you can’t live without:

Tamia, she is the musical guest on the HBO series Verses and Flow that I am appearing on.

3) Artist you wish you knew in real life?

Carvens Lissaint–an incredible poet.

4) Favorite Coffee Shop:

The Starbucks in East Palo Alto across the street from the middle school where I work. I love ice, I know people say it’s bad to eat it, but I love it. At that Starbucks, I don’t need to order anything; the staff just gives me a glass full of ice.

5) Favorite type of food?

Soul Food. I love it fried. I love Christmas meals and Gumbo on New Year’s.

6) Favorite restaurant:


7) Favorite Neighborhood:

The Excelsior