Picture of Bart Jones and Freddy Gutierrez holding a cake

On Wednesday, July 11th, Karena Salmond, the Workshop’s Program Director, and myself visited Marin Juvenile Hall in Marin County. We were there to pass out copies of the 2012 Anthology of student work. Teaching Artist Freddy Gutierrez collected work from Marin County students throughout his year-long residency at Loma Alta – the school located in Marin County’s Juvenile Hall.

Cover Image from Anthology

The Workshop has a multi-year partnership with Marin County and has produced three different anthologies of student work. This was the second year that both the cover and inside artwork came out of the TeamWorks Art Mentoring and Apprenticeship program. Bart Jones, Head Teacher at Loma Alta, acknowledged the multi-level partnership of people who came together to create the anthology titled, “I’m Not Who You Think I Am.”

Image of Freddy Gutierrez reciting a poem

As a first time visitor to Loma Alta, I was struck by the enthusiasm of the students to participate. They readily read their own and other students’ poems in front of an audience which included probation officers, superintendents, Workshop staff and other students. All participants were encouraged to share. Freddy shared a poem of his own and one of the probation officers recited Invictus. It was a great celebration of student achievement through a thriving arts-education partnership.

Image of people associated with Marin County partnership