1) Whereabouts to you live?
Inner Sunset, San Francisco

2) Work Experience:
I have dabbled in many areas of the education world. Everything from working in an after-school program in a private school to working with public school groups at Chicago Children’s Museum. I then moved to California and taught art with K-5 SFUSD students, substitute taught in preschools, and nannied prior to joining the Workshop.

3) Album you can’t live without?
The Pixies “Doolittle.” Not on heavy rotation anymore, but I practically wore out my cassette tape copy growing up.

4) Artists you wish you knew in real life?
DJ Shadow. Bay Area resident, pioneer, and risk-taker. I also wouldn’t complain if Ryan Gosling showed up on my doorstep.

5) Favorite Coffee Shop
Ritual in the Mission. Though I am perfectly fine drinking coffee from a gas station, too.

6) Favorite Restaurant:
Mangosteen in the Tenderloin

7) What do you miss from your hometown?
Front porches and Bell’s Beer

8) What do you do on your day off?
One of my recent goals has been to live every weekend like we’ll sink into the ocean soon. This means getting out more and exploring all the Bay Area has to offer. If I’m not adventuring, I’m probably going to ballet class or catching up on the mundane.