Movie Poster for High Fidelity

When someone mentions “soundtrack,” I automatically think of High Fidelity.

This soundtrack brings back the original idea of the mixtape. If you see the movie, you too will understand how the mixtape is of critical importance to the love-sick, slightly pathetic protagonist played by John Cusack.

Clearly, the soundtrack is meant to be listened to in-order, in one sitting. Occasionally, I cheat and skip to my favorite Velvet Underground and The Kinks songs. This soundtrack provides the perfect atmosphere for the newly heartbroken and allows you to empathize with Cusack’s numerous tearful scenes.

However, it can also be enjoyed for those who are feeling less tragic and want to hear an amazing compilation of some incredible songs that work together to make the perfect mixed tape (modern translation: iTunes playlist).

-Annie, New Sector Alliance AmeriCorps Fellow


Listen to the playlist on YouTube. Here’s the link

For a full list of all music partially played or mentioned in the film, check out this Wikipedia page.