Questions about the Workshop

1) How long have you been on the board?
Around 4 years.

2) What position do you hold?

3) What are some of your professional or personal highlights that brought you to the Workshop?

As a kid I did a lot of dance. As I grew older, I saw the immense amount of change and social change that could happen with the power of the arts. The arts energizing community and people.

Alongside working in the arts, I worked in Urban Regulation and Planning.

4) Why did you choose to join the Workshop over other organizations?
I have always been involved in some aspect of the arts. Through my friend Linda Belden, I became aware of the Workshop, and aware of the incredible programs we offer. It just fit.

Questions about Annie :

1) Where do you live?
Inner Sunset/West Ingleside

2) Two albums you cannot live without:
As a genre: Soul/Funk
Flaming Lips “Yoshi Battles the Pink Robots”

3) Personal Mantra
Be kind.

4) Favorite neighborhood?
I just love cities, every part of them!

5) Who is your favorite author?
Ann Patchett

6) What artist would you want to meet in real life?
Robert Downey, Jr. because he uses his art to transform himself. He really pulled himself together. Also as for a visual artist, it would have to be Kandinsky.

7) Where do you escape to on the weekends?
I go hiking in the Marin Headlands.