The internet is a big and scary place to get lost in, and when searching for the Workshop, wouldn’t it be nice to receive some cues?

Well have no fear internet-stumbling-readers, this post offers an all-in-one guide to connecting with the Workshop on the world wide web.

  1. Website  Find everything there is to know about the Workshop on our website. From the Virtual Classroom to Workshop merch, this site has got you covered.
  2. Facebook Page Give us a “like” and your newsfeed will improve tenfolds from our facebook posts. Promise.
  3. Twitter Account @PerformingArtsW Send us a tweet, and we will squawk back. Also be on the lookout for our #Throwback Thursday photos.
  4. Flickr Photo Stream Check out our Nikon D40 photos from Workshop events and parties.
  5. Youtube Channel Our videos give a behind the curtain look at the Workshop’s programs. You can watch in awe as children practice their somersaults.
  6. Pinterest Witness our ten boards of visually pleasing pins. Make sure to follow the boards, “Arts Education Should Never Go Out of Style” and “Meet the Workshop Staff.”
  7. Instagram View and ‘heart’ our mimicking-Polaroid square photos.
  8. The WordPress Blog, Arts Ed Igniter. The blog where the magic happens. Tune in on those lackluster Monday mornings for our #MusicMonday posts, and as always, our interviews with Artists and Workshop staff.

And so, as a wrap-up (and a form of shameless promotion) we ask to tweet us, like us, follow us! Or just send us your best LOLCatz.

All the best,

The Workshop