1. How long have you been on the Workshop’s Board of Directors?

I’m starting my third year.

2. What brought you to the Workshop?

I grew up in Marin and was an avid piano player. I was really into music in my high school and knew someone who had done a workshop at the Performing Arts Workshop in the 1980’s. That is the first time I came to hear about the Workshop.

Flashforward: I attended law school and was teaching piano in the city at an after-school program in the Mission. A few years later, after I got married, I became part of a foundation that gave small amounts of money to organizations in the city and I recommended the Workshop.

3. Why did you choose to join the Workshop’s board?

I was thinking about joining boards and doing lots of volunteering. I have always been passionate about music and I worked with lots of kids teaching music over the years. I knew I wanted to work with an organization, but on a higher level. Professionally I am focused on Intellectual Property, copyright and protecting ideas. I work with musicians, artists, architects and creative professionals, so my connection to the Workshop seemed like a natural fit.

4. Where do you live?

The Mission.

5. What is an album that you could not live without?

“Revolver” – The Beatles

6. Favorite book?

Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera

7. Favorite neighborhood in San Francisco?

Mission, especially the part East of Folsom St. away from the main drag.

8. Where do you escape to on the weekends?

Marin, my parents are still there.

9. Name an artist you would want to meet in person (alive or dead)?

Van Gogh, I loved him ever since I was a kid. I read baby books of him.

10. Favorite restaurant?

Rocco’s – Italian.