Did you have a parent sing you to sleep? What song did they sing?

Painting by Richard L. Matteson Jr.

Last week we asked about songs a family sings together, this week we’re curious about songs parents sing to their children. Are they always nursery rhymes? Are there certain occasions when they sing to us?

At the Workshop, teaching artists use songs to keep kids engaged in class. Often they will model the song first, singing to the children who then sing it back to them. It’s a great teaching tool and helps with focus and concentration and listening skills, something we all need to learn as young people.

Karena, Program Director
God no. But my mom would read to me from a big picture book of nursery rhymes, which I loved. I think “The Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe” was one of my favorites.

Gary, Artistic Director
I do remember when I was about 5 or 6 years old, my grandmother would sing a French song about a wolf stalking children and on her cue my sister and I would run from the lunging wolf… with grandmother  playing the wolf.  She did it very well and remember being frightened and excited and thrilled.

Larry, Program & Administrative Assistant
Actually neither of my parents did, but my Grandmother did for naptime. She always sang “Big Town Boy” by Shirley Matthews. Primarily the opening lines:

Someday you’re gonna be a big town boy, I just know it’s true, I’ll be proud of you” over and over.

As an adult it’s weird because it’s a rather obscure song, And was a hit in Canada but not in the US. But I guess it was one of her favorites from her “Navy Wife” days, and whatever base she was on in 1963 played it a lot. It always brings a smile and a tear when I hear it now.

Beverly, Individual Giving Manager
No, but I sang both Yesterday and In My Life by the Beatles to myself a lot.

Laura, New Sector Alliance Resident in Social Enterprise
Baby Beluga by Raffi!

Anne, Program & Communications Manager
Both my parents sang to me when I was in bed, getting ready to go to sleep. My mom would always sing, “All the Pretty Little Horses” which I loved, because I was obsessed with horses. I used to listen and try to pick which one I’d want.

My dad, even though he claims to be tone deaf always sang “My Darling Clementine.” Not the happiest of endings, but it was awesome to hear my dad sing it. I would have to beg because he was shy about his voice, but it was always worth it.

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