Hello California Voters!

Getting ready to vote on November 6th?

Wondering why there are two different education propositions on the ballot?

The Board of Performing Arts Workshop has officially endorsed Prop 38 and Prop 30. They both set out to generate revenue for our sorely underfunded education system here in California.

Prop 38 is a long term solution, generating money for a separate fund from a progressive tax structure. It lists the arts as a priority for funding, which is mission aligned for us here at the Workshop.

Prop 30 is a short term solution aimed at generating funds to close the deficit for this year’s educational budget. Monies from Prop 30 will go into the general fund, but will be aimed at education.

What happens if they both pass? It means Californians believe in educating our youth, yea! Here’s where it gets tricky: If Prop 30 doesn’t pass, we’ll have immediate, devastating cuts to already struggling schools.

If they both pass, it gets a little tricky. We recommend checking out this non-partisan website’s fact sheets for more specific information.

California Budget Project – Prop 30 Budget Brief (scroll down to page 9 for “What Would Happen if Voters Approve Proposition 30 and Proposition 38?”)

California Budget Project – Prop 38 Budget Brief

For more information on why Performing Arts Workshop endorsed both propositions, check out our Press Room.