Music makes us feel a certain way, or put us in a specific mood. Sometimes it can even help us concentrate or complete a specific task. Many people use music to help them fall asleep.

Workshop teaching artists often use music to explore individual feelings, cultural context and social connections. They also use music to help young people rev up for a dance class or cool down after creative movement. Music can definitely have a calming effect or even help us descend those last few moments into dreaming.

Do you use music to fall asleep? What do you listen to? Let the Workshop help by checking out our playlist. To Sleep, To Dream

Ivy, Finance and Operations Manager

Not very often; if do, music that sings the grandeur & wonder of nature; gives the impact of  camomille tea, calms the nerve, peaceful…

Larry, Program & Administrative Assistant

Sarah Vaughan & Blossom Dearie. Mostly their late 1950’s output. “Everything I’ve Got” and “I Won’t Dance” by Blossom Dearie in particular.

Anne, Program & Communications Manager

I have a great friend who made me a couple of cds in college. There was one I listened to everynight while I was living in Vienna studying abroad. I, of course, lost them but asked him for the list recently and he still had it! Jonah Bull, you are awesome. Not all of these were available on Spotify, but I included those that were.

CD 1: Strange Electronic Stuffs.
1. Blockhead – Insomniac Olympics
2. Caural – Basement Still-life
3. DNTEL – High Horses Theme
4. Chris Clark – Holiday As Brutality
5. Fat Jon – I.Dee
6. Four Tet – She Moves She
7. Jan Jelinek – Music To Interrogate By
8. Kirstuit Salu vs. Morris Nightingale – Dope Soft Intake
9. Machine Drum – Wishbone Be Broken
10. Max Tundra – Lysine
11. Metamatics – Here To Go
12. Prefuse 73 – Smile In Your Face
13. Prefuse 73 – Wife (Pieces Of Detroit)
14. Reanimator – Check One Two
15. Savath + Savalas – Folk Song For Cello
16. Villain Accelerate – Paper, Boxcutter, Rock
17. Yasume – When Audrey Dances

Beverly, Individual Giving Manager

Lately I’ve been sleeping to the sound of waves on a beach. But in the past, Bon Iver’s first album also did the trick.

Laurie, Institutional Giving Manager


Jessica, Executive Director

No – must have quiet!

Karena, Program Manager

Sometimes I’ll fall asleep to the This American Life podcast. Which is a shame, because I generally want to hear the stories!

Songs From This American Life