Music has different moods and motivations. Teaching Artists use these attributes in Workshop classes to teach youth how to reflect on their own moods and motivations. In a creative movement class, young people can be asked to “move like the music – how does it make you feel?” This can be taken further into different types of movement and choreography in world dance. It can also help set scenes in a theatre class or cook up a good improve scene. In honor of the eating season, we asked ourselves what music helps us cook of something delicious. You can find our playlist here. Cook Up a Storm

What is your favorite cooking music?

Beverly, Individual Giving Manager
If I’m cooking risotto, I listen to opera.

Anne, Program & Communications Manager
The Bamboos. So good! I like their radio station on Spotify and they have to much music I can’t get bored.

Larry, Program & Administrative Assistant
Irma Thomas’s early output from 1960-63. A few hash slinging favorites are: “Look Up,” “You Can Have My Husband,” “Two Winters Long,” and “Hittin’ on Nothin’”

Karena, Program Director
Anything soulful – Aretha, Billie, Al…

Jessica, Executive Director
En Vogue – R&B – Jackson 5.

Laurie, Institutional Giving Manager
For energy and if I’m having people over, a good standby is Os Mutantes… if I really have to concentrate, something calm and droney, like Juana Molina. Or else just a mix of music I love.

Ivy, Finance & Operations Manager
Classical music piece – preparing a good dinner in good cuisine – like orchestrating the effects of a good mix of instruments.