Performing Arts Workshop’s mission takes us to all corners of the Bay Area. One of the neighborhoods of San Francisco we service is the often overlooked Bayview-Hunters Point Neighborhood. The neighborhood is home to one of our immersive partner sites, Dr. Charles R. Drew Elementary School. If you haven’t traveled south down 3rd Street, there’s plenty to see in this part of town.


Originally the “Butchertown” section of San Francisco, it soon became home to the San Francisco Naval Shipyard and Bethlehem Ship building. Although no longer the industrial neighborhood it one was, it is re-emerging as a vibrant part of San Francisco.


This includes historic landmarks such as The Bayview Opera House and the largest artist colony in the United States, The Point. One of the quickest ways to get a pulse on what is happening in the neighborhood is The San Francisco BayView, which has many listings about the happenings within the community.