Cyrus Wadia, the Workshop’s Board Vice President, shares with us his love of music.

Cyrus Wadia

I’m obsessed with music. All kinds. I’d estimate that music is in the background or foreground of my life 50% of the time. Part of my obsession results in making playlists of all my favorites – favorites of the year, favorite remixes of the year, all-time favorites, favorite piano pieces, favorite sax solos in pop music, etc. Below are just two of my many playlists – my favorite songs of 2012 (that were either released in 2012 or that I first discovered in 2012), and remix versions of my favorite songs of 2012, compiled from listening to thousands of songs last year.

My love for music is all wrapped up in the reasons why I joined the Board of Performing Arts Workshop. My belief that music and art are a hugely important part of our lives, our education, our compassion for others, and much more.

best of 2012


best of 2012 (the remix)