1. Where do you live?

I actually recently relocated to the East Bay. I live on the Berkeley/Oakland border and so far I love it. I have a big backyard and there is some truth to it being the “sunny side of the bay.” Although I do have to admit that I’m going to miss my old apartment in the Mission.

2. Where do you escape to on weekends?

Since it’s summer I’ve been travelling a lot. So far I’ve gone to Austin (where my family lives), Santa Cruz (where I went to college) and Palm Springs (just cause I like the desert).

3. Favorite restaurant?

In San Francisco? Ken Ken Ramen. In Oakland? Homeroom.

4. What are some professional or personal highlights that brought you to the Workshop?

I’ve been working in education and non-profits for five years now. I believe that every student should have access to an excellent education, and I feel my best when working towards that goal.

5. Why did you choose to join the Workshop?

In my day job I run the volunteer program for another non-profit. I wanted to join a Board to up my own volunteering, and make sure that I’m making a big commitment to another organization. I chose Performing Arts Workshop because I believe that arts education is huge in a young person’s development. Being involved in the arts can be life transforming at any age, but especially when you’re young. Personally, I have been able to overcome challenges in my life through my love of dance.

6. What is something or someone you cant live without? Why?

I’ll keep it light: coffee. My family calls me the coffee-monster.

7. What is a quote that you live by everyday?

Work Hard. Stay Humble.