1. Where did you grow up as a kid?

I was born in San Francisco in the Mission District. At the age of four we moved to Arlington Drive in South San Francisco where I lived for 31 years.

2. What are you hobbies?

Food, travel, Barca Soccer, reading, and spending time with my 2 nephews and my niece.

3. What college did you attend and what were your studies?

I attended Canada College in Redwood City and SF State…focused my studies in Tourism & Travel.

4. What is you favorite artist and song?

That’s a very difficult question…what genre? What era? Female or male?

5. Favorite restaurant?

La Folie and La Bricola here in SF. Roscoe’s & Versailles in LA.

6. What is your favorite kind of art form?


7. Career highlights + what are you currently doing?

Career highlight #1 – Four month contract as Headliner Singer Maduro Lounge at Grand Hyatt Roppongi Hills #2 Germany tour with my band and currently working on my own CD called Leyendas y un Milagro (Legends and a Miracle) a well as a new recording project with Tony Coleman (formerly of BB King) and Marquinho Brasil (formerly with Mariah Carey)

8. What do you do on your days off?

What days off?

9. If you can visit any place in the world where will it be and why?

I would like to go back to Avignon, France because of the peaceful enduring sublime feeling I experienced when I was there as well as Santa Fe New Mexico because it is a magical mystical place where four of my favorite ethnicity all come together (French, Spanish, Native American and Mexican) and last but not least Barcelona….the people are beautiful, the food is fabulous, the fashion is so very cool and the Gaudi architecture is wildly beautiful and imaginative!

10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Married, completing my 5th and final album, traveling to Africa, Australia and Alaska and living in Victoria,Canada.