For 15 years, the Workshop has received support from the Marin Community Foundation to conduct artist residencies at elementary schools in Marin County, primarily those serving San Rafael’s low-income neighborhoods.

In 2006, the Foundation expanded that support to include poetry residencies at Marin’s County Community School and at Juvenile Hall’s Loma Alta High School. They have continued to support poetry classes each year since, and for the past several years, we have been pleased to publish the selected work of those student poets in a colorful bound anthology.

Here is a selection from last year’s anthology:


Maya Angelou rises
I continue to fade
I square my shoulders
raise my head
trying to stand tall
People see my smile
but no one sees my eyes
drowning in my misery
always trusting lies
I hand my trust out to perfect strangers
I share the nothing that I have
but people take advantage
and my back can’t take another stab
Though I fade
          I’m still breathing
I can survive
         with the love I’m receiving
hope isn’t lost
         I stay believing
I’ve lost a lot
but I’m tired of grieving.

Though I fade poem_final