Here at the Workshop, we’ve been lucky enough to welcome a handful of new staff and board members to our team. We’d love to introduce you, but rather than simply telling you all about them, we challenge you to a little game called 2 Truths and a Lie. Can you spot the fib?


Anupama Tadanki

Anupama Tadanki 2013-1

New Sector Alliance Americorps Resident

  • graduated from USC with a degree in Global Health
  • dreams of traveling to Peru
  • competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics


Laila Copperansky

photo1 (1)

Documentation Intern

  • grew up in central Vermont
  • studies Critical Thinking and Movement Integration in Early Elementary Education at Hampshire College
  • has a killer stamp collection


Janet Lin

Lin Janet - photo

Board Member

  • is a Senior Analyst at Salesforce
  • can play both the piano and flute
  • is a volunteer sky-diving instructor on the weekends


Gabby Guinea

Board Member

  • is the after-school program coordinator at ER Taylor
  • opened Hopwater Distribution with her husband
  • secretly loves Scandal


Kendra Wong

Kendra doing "batik" (traditional silk dying/painting) while living in Thailand last year.

Board Member

  • is a management consultant at Accenture
  • is planning a 2-month-long around-the-world trip for her honeymoon next May
  • knows every word to the movie Jurassic Park


Reed Mayfield

Reed Mayfield 3

Board Member

  • is a Senior Lending Associate at RSF Social Finance
  • enjoys playing guitar and hiking
  • listens to Christmas music all year


Marilyn Zoller Koral

MZK head shot

Board Member

  • is an SFUSD administrator emeritus
  • has served as a teaching artist and visual arts teacher for the SFUSD, Families First and NYC’s housing projects
  • is a huge Oakland A’s fan